About me

Hello there mighty creature,

It’s been a pleasure to host you in my little corner, I hope you are enjoying your stay. I believe you are at least a little interested in what kind of person I am, since you are here, reading. Now, allow me to tell you about myself, and I promise not to bore you for too long.

The content

I realize the content may not be what you usually see, and probably not what you would choose to read on your free days. But there is a reason my world is hiding in the shadows of these puffy colorful clouds. You see, I have an ability – flawed with a slice of inconvenience – an ability that lets me pour my soul and feelings into words. But the words always come out dark, no matter how hard I try to turn the coin around. I cannot find a confession of happiness in me, even though my gloomy days are over.

My future

I used to be so doubtful of it; unsure if I even wanted it. But I kept building against my sick nature and today I can finally say I appreciate who I am, and what I’ve achieved. I’m happy I made my clumsy way through pitch darkness. Because despite what I may say in the moments of great sadness, I like where my life is leading me.

My plans

When I was curled up under the weight of metal illness, all alone, I always wanted a companion. I wanted to feel an unconditional love of someone who’d be there when I cry and mumble the words of my despair. I wanted a pet. And since I’ve been longing for a green cheeked conure for what feels to be an eternity, it became clear that this sweet little winged creature is meant to become my friend one day.